A5 Double Ring Stonebook
100% Authentic 4.4 Sales


  • A5 size (13cm x 21cm)
  • 160 pages
  • Ruler line design layout
  • Using 144g stone paper (Tear Resistance, Water Proof, Grease Repellent, Recyclable, Repurposable, Photodegradable)
  • Semi-transparent hardcover
  • Double-ring
  • Round edges
  • Signature page
  • Suitable for writing with all types of pens


  • Size : 13cm x 21cm
  • Weight : 350 grams

What makes NOTEISM Stonebook so special?

  • The Stone Notebooks inner pages made from Stone will survive sweat, rain, mud, snow, oil, grease, and the wear-and-tear of daily use.
  • No pen? No problem. You can write in a stone notebook with any pointed object you might have on hand - even your keys.
  • Completely friction-free, pens glide across our pages because there is no grain direction, and ink never bleeds through.
  • The world-first ever Ruler Line design having a 1mm distance between dots designed by NOTEISM ensures that your writings would be well-defined.
  • Forgot to bring a ruler? Dont worry! Use our Ruler Line instead.
  • Built from stone paper. Zero trees were harmed in its production. 100% recyclable
  • Stone paper is acid-free. It effectively prevents discoloration (yellow spots or blotches) and can last for over 100 years under normal usage