Erasable Pen 0.7mm Refill Value Pack
100% Authentic 6.6 Sales

This Refill Value Pack contains:

  • 5 refills per set in a box
  • Single color (Black / Blue / Red)


  • Ink pigment 45%
  • PREMEC pen nib made in Switzerland

Recommended Usage:

  • To remove the unwanted writing, rub the writing using the hard rubber eraser
  • Do not place the writing in an environment higher than 60 degree Celsius
  • If the writing disappears, put the notebook in freezer which is lower than 10 degree Celsius. The writing will reappear after a while.

Noteism Erasable Pen

NOTEISM erasable pens are created to allow one to erase writing errors without having to use a correction pen or tape. By rubbing the hard rubber eraser, one can easily remove the unwanted ink with friction. Our Noteism Erasable Pen is made using PREMEC pen nib manufactured in Switzerland, a country most of the world well-known stationery brands are born. The ink contains 45% pigment which is 10% darker than most of the erasable pens in the market.