TerraComb Kitchen
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Odour Removal for: Paint/Lacquer/Glue/New House/Furniture Smell
Item Code: JTCH-PKK-26111344
Barcode: 9551009310023
Product Size: (H) 110mm x (L) 212mm x (D) 42mm
Product Weight: Approx 500g
Packing Size: 24 units per carton
Carton Size: 489L x 231W x 317H (mm)

Highest efficiency odour eliminator, enjoy cleaner air in just minutes.
World class non-electric purifier
Eco-friendly, no second pollution
Light & easy to use, a plug & play format
Safe for indoor used
Compact design, comes in a set of 2 - in light Grey polypropylene (PP) casing
Best suited for sufferers from breathing sensitivity to odour and chemical gases
With Catalyst impregnated for optimum ordour removal efficiency & longer lifespan