Great Copy Writing

Great Copy Writing

Wed, 09 Mar 2022
03:00PM-04:00PM (Malaysia & China)
02:00PM-01:00PM (Indonesia & Thailand)
04:00PM-05:00PM (Japan)

Inspired by Apple, Nike & Coca Cola
Source : Zain Kahn Example
Prepared by : Izzati 9 March 2022

1. Nail the headline.
5X as many people read the headline vs the rest of the page.
Example (Wrong)SHOPFORREAL. It is great way to gain customers and followers even the customers and followers are not at your "Real Shop Area".


2. Don't sell features. Sell Superpowers. Great copywriting isn't about what your product can do.
It's about what your product can help the reader become
.Example : It's only a simple dream until you "AT LEAST" TRY TO DO IT. ShopForReal . "You Also Are Really Real"

3. Address their concerns
Every customer has concerns before they buy a product. Could be price, safety, durability or privacy
Address these concerns directly to build trust
Example : SHOPFORREAL . "We are not holding seller sales"

4. Some people like to think. But everyone loves to laugh. Humour makes your product memorable. Don't be afraid to stand out by mixing in a little humour.
Example : SFR also sell luggage's in case this 1st April all your belongings

5. Incentive action
Don't just get them to read. Get them to take the next step. Use words that drive action. Example (Wrong) Click to know more information Example (Click to explore ways to sell)
(GME Malaysia)