Live with Mahas and Stellar Aesthetic - Healthy "Sexual" Life of A Lady.

Live with Mahas and Stellar Aesthetic - Healthy "Sexual" Life of A Lady.

Tue, 27 Apr 2021

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主题:女性之美之健康的“性”生活女性呀,本就应该要好好地爱自己,为自己及身边所爱的人做好保护自己的准备。2021年4月27日,MAHAS康美商会的正副主席兼名主持人,Christine Loo 及Michelle Loh将和著名专业妇产科医生Dr Siw为女性们分享女性之美之健康的“性”生活座谈会。谈谈女性一般的痛点 "妇科疾病"如,
1. 对问题发表评论
2. 分享症状的根源
3. 讨论及分析如果病者不及早处理怎么办?
4. 共享案列种治疗方法,也为病者找出适合她们的解决方案。

Healthy "Sexual" Life of A Lady..A lady should love and care for themselves more, for themselves and the people that love them.On April 27th 2021, Christine Loo and Michelle Loh, President and Vice President of MAHAS Association, together with Dr Siw, a well-known professional obstetrician and gynecologist, will share with you on a healthy and beautiful lady’s "sex" life.Discussion, a lady's common issues/diagnosis,
:drawing_pin:Labia deformation, drooping, sagging
:drawing_pin:Excess vaginal discharge, odor, itching
:drawing_pin:Painful sexual intercourse, bleeding, coldness
Sharing, what should ladies know:
1. Comment and feedback on the diagnoses discussed
2. Causes and symptoms
3. Analyze the consequences if the patient does not treat the diagnosis in an early stage
4. Case study on various available treatments, possible and suitable solutions for different cases.
There will also be a surprise the audience throughout the talk!Register today for free! See you on the April 27th 2021!

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